Drug Club and E-learning

Drug Club

The Drug Club seminar offers oral presentations prepared by students from diverse programs (Pharmacy, Biomedical Chemistry, Biology, Medicine) on timely topics in pharmacology, molecular biology, cancer biology, infectious diseases etc.

Each semester 1-2 seminars of each 2-4 h are offered depending on the number os students giving oral presentations.

In addition, Prof. Efferth gives special lectures to “hot topics” (e.g., COVID-19 etc.) once per semester.

Participation by our Ph.D. students is mandatory.


Since more than a decade, we link e-learning with traditional courses ("blended learning") as attractive and future-directed form of teaching and learning.

We did not expect, how topical e-learning and blended learning would become in times of the Corona pandemic ....

- Cancer Biology and Pharmacology. This interdisciplinary e-learning based lecture is available since more than a dozen of years and is constantly updated. offered to pharmacy students as well as other life science majors. For more information please click here.

- An e-learning based lecture (powerpoint slides with audio track) on Basics in Microbiology (viruses, bacteria, fungi) is available online on request at the LMS learning platform.

- The lecture Molecular Medicine for Pharmacists provides insight into selected topics of the molecular basis of human diseases.



Hereditary Diseases: Cystic Fibrosis

Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis B

Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis C

Infectious Diseases: AIDS / HIV

Infectious Diseases: Fungal Infections

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson‘s and Alzheimer‘s Diseases

In preparation (slides available):

Respiratory Diseases: Asthma

Obesity: Adipose Tissue Development and Metabolism

Insulin Resistance and Atherosclerosis

Gastroenterological Diseases: Small and Large Bowel Dysfunction – Part 1

Gastroenterological Diseases: Small and Large Bowel Dysfunction – Part 2

Cardiovascular Diseases: Congenital Heart Disease

Cardiovascular Diseases: Heart Failure – Part 1

Cardiovascular Diseases: Heart Failure – Part 2