Department of Pharmaceutical Biology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Efferth

The pharmacy program consists of five disciplines (pharmaceutical biology, medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy, pharmacology and toxicology, clinical pharmacy).

Pharmaceutical Biology is in a transition and contains both traditional and modern topics according to the mandatory curriculum.

Topics in teaching are related to biogenic drugs: Pharmacognosy and phytotherapy, phytochemistry and natural product analytics, molecular biology, biotechnology, gene technology (therapeutic antibodies, recombinant peptides and proteins) and microbial drugs (antibiotics). Teaching of our department contributes to the undergraduate and graduate education in Pharmacy as well as in Biomedical Chemistry.

Our research focuses on the molecular modes of action of natural and synthetic drugs with activity towards cancer, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases by means of pharmacogenomics and systems biology. Please, peruse our website for additional information.